SUMI Smart & Connected Buildings

SUMI’s Digital Building Automation team offers integrated Mono- and Multi-site Solutions for thousands of new buildings, and is a prime partner of world class technology suppliers for automation of HVAC, electrical and all other technical installations

SHOPCONTROLLER is Sumi’s Digital Platform for connected buildings & equipment in retail, food-retail and fast-food to control & optimize sustainability performance in thousands of retail branches.

SUMI’s Smart Buidling Platform for NMBS, the Belgian Railways, is connecting 550 Railway Stations, Buildings and Parking Lots to automize all electrical equipment in the most efficient way possible.



Smart Buildings are only smart if they are more efficient in reaching UX, Energy Saving, Maintenance Costs and overall Well-Being Objectives. Indeally realized with world class future-proof technology by a multidisciplinary, hands-on and flexible local partner