Innovation Jedi srl

If you know that you need to bring your offering (product or service) to the next level but you don’t know how to do that without investing millions, Innovtation Jedi srl helps you to translate your first ideas into sustainable concepts (tested & validated) AND realize them within your company. We practice a hands-on, no-nonsense approach and believe in the stakeholder’s voice as the one and online metric for success.



There are many notions to ‘Smart Buildings’ (conception/development, building, exploitation, service & maintenance) or the stakeholder needs you wish to address. Depending on the objectives making a building smart can focus on the user experience, reduction of the running cost or operational excellence. Getting your heads around the objectives is crucial to prevent deception down the road as it is all about making (the right) choices depending on your objectives. Those objectives shall define your smart building related investments: Building optimization (energy/wellbeing), automation (user management, access control, parking management etc.) and/or BIM related approach of streamlining the conception & construction with potential down the road to improve the maintenance.