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Different topics will be discussed throughout four sessions :


  • Session 1 – Wireless connectivity, a challenge for the future

What is the state of the art of technical solutions and which evolutions can be expected?

Confirmed speakers are: IMEC (BE), BIPT (BE), byNubian (BE)


  • Session 2 – Transmission through and attenuation by walls and objects

Which problems can we be confronted with and how can we tackle those problems?

Confirmed speakers are: RISE (SE), Saint-Gobain (FR)


  • Session 3 – Exposure : Experiences in modelling & Metrology

How can we accurately predict and measure performances?

Confirmed speakers are: CSTB (FR), Environment Brussels (BE), IMEC (BE)


  • Session 4 – Applications in geolocation and experiences in practice

Which typical applications in the building sector are being used today or may be used in the near future?

Confirmed speakers are: BBRI (BE), DraMCo (BE), Buildconnect (BE)


A description of the workshop is given in annex. Participation is free of charge but registration is obligatory. Please confirm your participation to BBRI Secretariat ( before 19th April 2019. For more information, click here: ENBRI-BBRI Workshop Buildings electromagnetic radiation_25-26 April_Program.